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March 06, 2009



I think what critics are most worried about is the idea of people slowly developing a society where we are only communicating via the web. I cannot imagine this but I would be leery of parents depending on following facebook to keep up with their teens - not what you are doing and not what I am doing - but I could see THAT happening. After all we are already at the point where the government and some religions feel it is important to place ads on TV and radio reminding us that it is important to eat dinner together...
We are already seeing a serious breakdown in the family and a tendency of parents acting more like best friends than parents to their teens and children. I think that might feed the fright some people see over the development of Internet social networking.
I LOVE it - because it expands my horizons rather than replacing my neigbours, friends and parishioners. It allows me to converse by chat or SKYPE with my daughter in Ireland, my family in Canada and my children in college. Heck sometimes I chat with one of my kids when they are in the living room and I am up stairs.
As in everything from chocolate to wine to social networking - the clue is in moderation, eh? (Maybe this should have been a post on my blog?)



LOL! Thank you for your post. I hope you do expand on it at your blog. Keeping this type communication open amongst us bloggers brings about better understanding, charity and acceptance.

I know what you mean about the worry of society communicating only via web but I'm not worried what the critics and society say. They don't have any room in this house that shelters, feeds, and maintains seven people.

My two older children are in college and both work. One goes to college full time and works part time. The other works full time and goes to college part time. They are very busy and it limits my interaction with them. My daughter operates a phone switchboard at work. She is not allowed to talk on the phone during work hours but they allow her to study and she can..believe it or not...text! So to "talk" to her, I have learned the secret decoding of texting. We "text" away rather religiously. :o) Bravo, me! Right?

What's funny is that when these two children are home they instinctively seek me out. They come to me and we talk. I think that shows that if we are willing to try to communicate w/ them in whatever way that works for them at such-and-such time in their life, they will come to us apart from that.

Concerning parents acting like best friends, that's a very thin line. One day our children considered some of our "best friends." I know I want mine to be. It doesn't eliminate discipline and correction in the early years but we also have to remember that some parents discipline by force and fury instead of the way God intends, the way Christ taught us. What discipline really is communicating with our disciples (our children).

The breakdown of the family is very much a more expansive discussion for another day. :o)

You are so correct (and I see you are very much in the know with your grown children) that it all comes down to "moderation." Yes, that's it exactly!

And what better time to practice it than Lent!


Wonderful post, and I totally agree with the idea that many people express themselves better in writing than in person. I know that's try for me and always has been, but that was especially so as a teenager. And I used to scribe melancholic lyrics from songs all over the place's embarassing to think about now, hehe. "Lessons of life from Guns and Roses" poor mother...


Just tweeted this post at my @CatholicMeme ID. I am using your phrase "communicative outlets" for a future presentation. I find great value in your post especially regarding the use of these new media outlets by teens and how a parent can find value from the teen using these outlets. Peace to your day!

Karen Edmisten

What a lovely post, Cay.

Leticia Velasquez

Thank you Cay for a delightful insight into family communication in the 21st century.

My 15 year old had the same reaction to me joining Facebook three weeks ago, "Mom, it's not for OLD people!" As she saw my friends list grow, her respect for me grew. Who knew Mom had friends!

Believe it or not, every time I'm on Facebook, she's at my elbow, enjoying my very different style of socializing. She even let me be her friend.
So, we find not only reading one another's posts is fun, but we enjoy posting(on my profile) together. Thank you Facebook!


Excellent post, Cay!


Very good thoughts, Cay.

I think that those who don't understand Facebook don't have kids who use Facebook.

My two older sons use it and I think Facebook gives parents a realistic view of their world today -- it is very different from "my day."

I too have been accused of "polluting" their space. I say, "Too bad, learn to share." I like sharing with teenagers -- it offers great learning lessons on both sides. Like you, I have learned from my young men's headlines, and have had the opportunity to discuss such grown up issues as "making permanent a record of your thoughts and actions that should stay private." One of my favorite sayings is from a beloved religious Sister, "there is such a thing as an unpublished thought." We also talk about their friends and this apparent contest to see who can have the most. And we talk about the facts that there is and should be a huge difference between your "friends" on Facebook and those who are real friends.

Like you I'm enjoying this, likely, short time when we can see a different side of each other.


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