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May 20, 2008


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Thanks for adding me to your "friends" list. I also wanted to add that there are several unit studies regarding several of Polacco's books on homeschool share. We're planning on doing the one on Mrs. Mack, which we haven't read but it looks like it deals a lot with horses.

Thanks again for starting this blog!

Paula in MN

We're doing it!!

Melissa Telling

Hi, I'd like to be added to your friends list. We are really enjoying the Patricia Polacco books. Thanks for starting this blog.


Thank you for starting this. I am sure it will be a great deal of fun for us. You can include me in the side roll bar.


Thought you might want to stop by my blog and see my latest post about Polacco. We are REALLY enjoying this study. Thanks again for starting it! :-)


So glad I checked this out. Thanks so much Cay! We discovered Polacco's books this Christmas thru your Christmas Mosaic. You really are a gift to those of us who loooove picture books. God Bless you.

Please add us to your friends list. We're readying ourselves for a move here shortly (ug) but the Fiesta will give us all something to look forward to in between unpacking boxes.


Great idea, please addus to your list!

Candise & Crew

Please add us to the sidebar with our thanks!


Please add me to the list also. I'm exploring here today and I absolutely love what you're doing. What a gift!


Remember, friends, to be added to the list you must first have an "Author Fiesta" category for us to link to. :)

Miss Meg

Well done, Cay! Thank you for an added reading list/suggestions! I struggle with this aspect of language arts! This is a Godsend, and I thank you for employing your talent in such a generous way!

Jenifer Samaha

Cay, I would love to have our blog added to the list.

I just found out about the Author Fiesta so we'll probably wait to start with June's author (although I do have a few Pollaco books that I can pull out from my shelves for this week).

My hs blog, The Way We Learn, is: http://jenifersamahaphotography.typepad.com/thewaywelearn/


I sent an e-mail but thought maybe I was supposed to comment here.
We're all set up on our blog if you'd like to add us to the sidebar here as excited participants!

Our House of Joyful Noise


Please include me, I love this blog - great reading lists!


Can't wait to find out the new author.


Can you add me to your friends list please? Thanks Cay.



Can you add me to your friends list please? Thanks Cay.



Thank you all!
I believe I've caught the "Friends" sidebar up.

Please check it and make sure yours is there.

Remember, you must have an Author Fiesta category for me to include you (or, at least, the image and link in your sidebar).



I've added the Author Fiesta blog on my sidebar. I've really enjoyed the Mem Fox books. I had never heard of her. My children love her books.

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